Minds On Fire


Polish born VONDA7 landed in Berlin many BPMs ago. A purveyor of hypnotic grooves, she speaks in synthesised melodies and laughs in heavy basslines that wash over you like what can only be described as a seriously slick musical baptism.

DJ, producer and label owner VONDA7 is a true musical explorer – not afraid to take risks, she has built a sterling reputation based on bold moves and crossing over genres.

She channels her varied influences into productions and mixing that covers the gamut of electronic music - as Kristan Caryl (Mixmag) puts it - ‘VONDA7 grew up on hip-hop and R’n’B, soon discovering French house and techno. During time spent in the UK she soaked up garage and Caribbean sounds, and later dived head-first into disco in Amsterdam. She draws on all that when turning out multifaceted tracks (…) Euphoric techno bangers, high tempo disco reworks, heartbroken and acid-laced downtempo pop – she’s done it all.’ 

An astute ear for melody, a firm grip on drum programming and an experimental approach to vocals became her trademark skills gaining interest from the very top DJs, radio presenters and media outlets.

Her path began in her mid-teens whilst dabbling in music journalism, a spark formed when interviewing DJs & producers who were playing parties in her hometown Poznan in Poland. From then she began collecting music and DJing before eventually finding her way to the front doors of Amsterdam's esteemed creative institute - the SAE. It was here that her burgeoning passion for electronic music was propelled by academic focus beginning a new chapter in her development as an artist. 

She took things up another notch with the introduction of her own label - art | werk - a space where she introduced her full artistic vision showcasing her unique blend of styles, drifting between house and techno whilst incorporating influences from other genres like hip-hop, garage, synth-pop or indietronica. Resulting in a dynamic output - bold, consistently interesting and always pushing the boundaries, it stands as a true reflection of her as an artist and a curator.

As Clash put it - 'VONDA7 is part of a new wave of electronic creation.’ An artist who can turn her hand to anything – hard-working, multifaceted and captivating she remains firmly on her ascent.

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