Minds On Fire

Stefano Ritteri

Stefano Ritteri is a music producer that has changed many, many times. He has released countless songs, run several record labels and collaborated with many musicians and singers.

Stefano spends his time in between an insular studio life and relentless touring around the world, his DJ and live sets are as eclectic as his productions. Stefano’s passion for obscure samples and machines drives him to constantly change sounds, bending genres and inspirations. Very active as a composer, Stefano has worked on movie scores, TV shows, video games and has been involved with Paris Fashion week for many years, curating music for catwalk and showrooms for brands such as Alessandra Rich and Mulberry. Amongst the brands that Stefano has worked with are the British Premier League, Tommy Hilfiger, Avon, Vogue, Loro Piana, Vice Magazine and Nike , although in Stefano's opinion his biggest claim to fame is to have made music for his favourite video game, Grand Theft Auto. During lockdown Stefano has built a studio in London, designing it in a way in which he's able to record musicians remotely from all around the world. The results of these "new normality" recording sessions are about to be released, and they are yet another curveball in Stefano's style. We all change, all the time.. how boring if we didn't.

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