Minds On Fire

Rico Casazza

Rico Casazza’s sonic identity is defined by a radiant array of shades. With an extraordinary ear

for sound and the uncanny ability to create music that draws a bold connection between

different vibes, he’s built a reputation over the years as a multi-talented, multi-genre.

Italian born, London based Rico left his homeland at a young age to settle in London.

Establishing his name in the scene through a vibrant range of sound that expands through

Techno, Electro, IDM, Ambient, Downtempo, as well as playing as a Dj and occasionally as Live

Performer, he has played mostly in UK, Europe and South America.

Rico sound signature can be described by different moods that characterise his character too:

nostalgic atmospheres that result in songs driven by melodies, ethereal, mystical, dystopian,

futuristic, ominous; the kind of music that brings you inwards.




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