Minds On Fire


You may have caught the Amsterdam-based Australian/Dutch producer DJing at various clubs around the Netherlands or on radio stations such as Operator Radio, StrandedFM and 3fm. For the better part of the past 5 years Ozzy has largely been lurking in the shadows, biding his time while expanding his arsenal of homemade productions. Gifted with the ability of channelling his creative impulses on the go he puts his artistic ideas to work – regardless of whether he’s in the studio or sitting on a train.
A relative newcomer, his CV is starting to read like a who’s who of contemporary European techno. The celebrated Dutch music platform 3VOOR12 was quick to pick up and report on Ozzy’s budding talent and rapid rise. Struck by the maturity of his unreleased body of work HAAi brought out his debut EP ‘Een’ as the inaugural release on her novel label Radical New Theory earlier this year. Quickly another release followed, this time on Barnt’s Schalen imprint. A third EP hit the streets in September of 2020 through Coloray’s Intercept Records.
As musically diverse as his tastes and influences Ozzy’s releases thus far range from highly-effective amalgamations of techno-electro hybrids and IDM, to concoctions comprised of breakbeat, trance, dub, or peak-time 140+ bpm techno. Only he knows what he will be unleashing onto the world next from his stockpile of weaponized unreleased tunes.
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