Minds On Fire


Born in Lagos to a Kenyan mother and Nigerian father, Olugbenga now resides by the sea in Brighton. His childhood was split between Nigeria and the Netherlands, before moving to the UK for few years to study at King's College, Cambridge. He has travelled the world working as a bass player and vocalist, lending his talents to groups such as Various Production and Metronomy. These cultures and experiences come together to feed the imagination and unique inventiveness of Olugbenga.

His sound is 'Epic & Blues' - rooted in hiphop and gospel/choral music but equally influenced by the claustrophobic atmosphere of ambient music and drone as well as the huge soundscapes of post rock. The drums always hit hard and even at its most faded there's always a melody creeping through the clouds. It is most definitely not tied to any specific BPM.

Olugbenga’s debut EP, Hafiza [Innocence], was released on Pictures Music in May 2013. It saw the artist creating unique and personal electronic music with commercial sensibilities, which received positive feedback online and on national radio. The EP was debuted by New York based tastemakers, The Fader. It was quickly picked up as ‘the bloggers choice’ by Vice to be featured on the Radio 1 Review Show with Edith Bowman. The exposure continued with features in such periodicals as Mixmag, Metro and Clash Music.

Since the debut release in 2013, Olugbenga has gone from strength to strength as a DJ, producer and song writer. He worked with New Solange on her new album ‘A Seat at the Table’ which went straight to number 1 in the US album charts in October 2016. Olugbenga features on tracks such as ‘Don’t You Wait’.

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