Minds On Fire


Hailing from Dublin, Obskür since their inception in May 2019 have begun to make a namefor themselves. Consisting of Lorcan McCarthy & Fasutas Astrauskas, the duo have played headline and support shows across some of Ireland’s premiere clubs such as Konspiracy Club, Meridian and Equilibrium.

Slowly creating heat, Bayside has been building since release, racking up over 2.2
Million streams and featuring in over 20,000 TikTok videos. Although not their debut release,
they have already set out their sound and style, earning them recognition for their use of
hard hitting 909’s, slick Hip-Hop samples and raw elements. Obskür continue to grow their
fanbase with 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 10,000 streams a day on
Soundcloud with listeners hungry for their next release.


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