Minds On Fire


Powered by caffeine and dreams of conceptualising his own world of sound, Kamus is a young, determined artist already making an impact on the underground.

The Scottish producer is a good humoured, naturally gifted musician who has come through the ranks in Glasgow. With releases on Or:la’s Céad label, alongside Huntleys + Palmers and Woozy compilations, he’s earned the respect of key industry tastemakers. Kamus’ sonic persona combines organic field recordings enriched with crisp sound design, but also equipped with the capability to work the dance floor. His eclectic tastes filter through into his productions, always imbued with that club sensibility, utilising unconventional composition to assert and characterise his distinct approach. The momentum is building, and his commitment to electronic music is staunch, both providing a firm foundation for this fledgling artist to soar…

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