Minds On Fire

JP Enfant

“Sultry, Dreamy, Warm, Stimulating, Sexy. That is what I want to bring across in my sets. I don’t want them just to dance, I want them to completely lose their minds.” 

The musical philosophy of JP Enfant is as clear-cut as his DJ sets and productions. The affable De School-resident, that has a love for long dj-sets and all nighters, is on a fast track to become an influential figure in techno. His idiosyncratic style: steaming and slightly melancholic techno made for the dance floor, alongside the odd excursion to forward-thinking ambient and bass.   

 At the age of fourteen, he had his first encounter with turntables and records. After gaining some experience in his hometown Breda, his DJing started to take shape when moving to Amsterdam. It was here that he got acquainted to the likeminded souls, with whom he would establish a collective, the part record label, part promoter, that would solidify his place in the Amsterdam dance scene:  LET – Les Enfants Terribles 

 After hosting several successful LET events in Amsterdam, it was Club Trouw that opened its doors to the organisation. Trouw was pivotal in JP’s personal path. He became a resident at the legendary club at the age of 21The club acted as a safe haven in several ways allowing JP to experiment. This resulted in hosting a more explorative club-nightPsychedelic Romance. It was this night, where he could present an interesting and uncommon mix of Techno- and UK-bass artists, and also laid fundament for future projects.  When Trouw closed, JP got a first hour residency at the clubs highly anticipated successor; De School. The pitch-black basement in Amsterdam is probably where his music resonates most and where he can take the freedom to discover new musical grounds. Without a doubt one could say: a true place to call home. 

Next to his DJ-ing, JP built a convincing discography as a producerHis debut on the connoisseur techno-label A.r.t.less set the tone for his distinguished and sophisticated sound he got known for today. This resulted in several releases on LET, Anagram, DGTL and returning to his starting-point A.r.t.less. With releases planned on Sungate, DGTL and Anagram, 2020 has everything to become a promising year for JP. 


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