Minds On Fire


Osteria Nuova warrior since 1990

Dukwa's unbounded pragmatism courses through his release on mysterious new Glasgow Label ‘TDSR’, entitled ‘Tears Like Stones’. He reinterpreted his off the cuff writing approach and spat out an unrestricted influence laden beast of a new variety, channelling glistening arpeggios, vintage Detroit house and authentic electro. The standout track ‘My Journey into Eternity’ was championed by Queen Annie Mac who even likened the alluringly frenetic keys and agile percussion to the stylings of Motor City legend Rolando. 

Through continually developing his sound and character, Dukwa’s music increasingly mesmerises and startles; always boiling down to his meticulous, well-oiled productive regime of hardware, sampling and editing. His quintessence is always abundantly apparent – raw, punchy and inimitable.  

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