Minds On Fire


Killer festivals and events, now a ten-year label exposing some of the most exciting dance music going - everything these guys touch turns to gold. It’s plain to see that the Dutch crew, who kicked off the label in ’07, are essentially just a passionate bunch who really, really love raving.

To celebrate their decade in the biz, this year the ‘Dam-based label played an ace with Robert Hood’s ‘Paradygm Shift’, a full-length ode to skeletal, true-to-form minimal techno, while also dropping Juju & Jordash’s ’Sis-boom-bah’, a record which moved beyond techno’s confines to include pretty Balearic grooves and irresistible world rhythms. Then there were the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of their ‘Selectors’ compilation series, helmed by Young Marco, Marcel Dettmann and Joy Orbison, plus unmissable outings from Palms Trax, Awanto 3 and Fatima Yamaha. 

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