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There’s no second guessing Tom Demac. From his earliest output in the fertile techno scene of his native North Wales to his most recent world-beating 12”s, he has never shied away from trying something new.

Starting out on his own Electronique Audio imprint in 2004 and honing his skills on labels such as Murmur, Morris / Audio and liebe*detail, it wasn’t until the bass-laden decimation of “Critical Distance Pt. 2”, released on Hypercolour in 2012, that Tom really catapulted to recognition. A wobbly, genre-bending monster with an all-consuming bassline that made him one of the most talked about talents in the game, it could have easily become a template for Tom’s productions.

But - as collaborations with long-time friend Duncan Jones of Silverclub, outings on Aus Music with Will Samson, the guttural techno he’s whipped up with Glimpse for Drumcode, or his much lauded remixes for the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Roisin Murphy show - Tom Demac will remain an artist unrepentant in his quest to follow his own unique muse, whatever it may be at any given time.

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