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Multidisciplinary artist, Neil Kerr, took on his Mount Palomar moniker in 2018, inspired by the memory of his late brother, Conor, who passed away at age 34 to cancer. Following a period of grief and mourning, Neil threw himself into making music as a means of coping with such a devastating loss. Combining his love of modular synthesis and analog hardware and fusing it with Conor’s love of the sciences and astronomy, the debut body of work that materialized was as bold and innovative as it was personal and emotive.


Having caught the ear of numerous local promoters, including Twitch and the AVA Festival, Neil soon grabbed the attention of Berghain resident, ND Baumecker. Just days after his first gig as Mount Palomar, supporting fellow local producer Or:la, Neil received an invite to play live at the Revolting Party in Berghain’s infamous Lab.Oratory.


Armed with an all hardware live set-up, Neil’s debut Berghain performance drew a rapturous reception and confirmed to those within Berghain that Mount Palomar was something quite different and special. Invited back to Berlin to play 3 subsequent live gigs at the iconic club, Neil joined a small number of acts who, within their first year, were offered the opportunity to play in Lab, Panorama Bar and the main Berghain floor itself. Testament to the strength of his performances, a highly sought after peak time slot on the main Berghain floor for their gay pride party, established Mount Palomar as one of Ireland’s most exciting and forward thinking producers and live acts.


In 2019, Neil went on to self-release two bodies of work, ‘Black Knight’s Tango’ and ‘The Perils Of Youth’ on his newly established Ursa Minor label. Spread across twin vinyl and clocking in at over 50 minutes long, both EPs were widely praised for being emotive, inventive and bold and led to Neil being chosen by PRS For Music as one of the five techno acts to watch out for in 2020.


Having shared stages with acts such as Midland, Avalon Emerson, Ben Klock, Objekt, Bicep, Ross From Friends, Helena Hauff, Fjaak and many more at venues such as Printworks London and the Boiler Room stage at the AVA Festival, Mount Palomar achieved in two years what many would consider to be a dream start to his career as an electronic act.

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