All about Desert Sound Colony

After several years writing and touring as a three piece band, Desert Sound Colony has decided to move back to his roots with a more club leaning sound.

Desert Sound Colony has released 7 EPs across Scissor & Thread, Me Me Me, Snap, Crackle & Pop and Holding Hands. He has played across the world, touring America and Europe with the live band as well as DJing countless clubs and festivals in the UK.

His previous releases on Scissor & Thread were informed by 60s psychedelia and his pastoral surroundings in the British countryside. Pulsating, and built on a core of slowed down club rhythms. 

Now with his own label Holding Hands going from strength to strength, he is looking more towards London and Leeds where he spent his formative years. Small dark rooms with big sound systems are the inspiration. Beats and space are there for the exploration.

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